Rio under Jacob on top

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Rio under Jacob on top

Super-petite Rio was standing in the doorway to the master bath of my mountain home looking at me with a devious smile and wrapped in a simple white towel. With the light behind her, all that was visible was the world-class figure that has made her a top body idol to millions of masturbating Japanese teenagers.

Her smile turned to a giggle when she noticed the young ranch hand sucking my cock with a /butts/big-butt/">big butt plug snug in his boy pussy. As she stepped toward the oversized king bed, her left hand fell to her clean shaved pussy and began to satisfy the tingling induced by the site of such a young stud pleasing her new American sugar-daddy.

Rio stepped onto the bed next to me, and while standing on her knees, tossed her hair back as I pulled the towel away. This exposed her small perfect breasts to the cool air making her nipples ache even more for attention. Instead of satisfying that desire, I reached in with my fingers to join her digits rubbing her incomparably smooth pussy.

All the while Jacob, the part-time ranch hand who keeps the brush and high grass cleared from my property, was on his knees, ass-up showing a butt plug, with his youthful mouth down over my cock. He was sucking as if it was what he?d been wanting his entire teenage years.

Just that morning I?d learned that 19 year old Jacob was gay and it didn?t bother me as long as he would suck my cock and top me if I asked.

I?d emailed him the day before asking him to pick me up, along with a guest, at the local airport and telling him I?d be staying for at least a week.

Jacob showed up at the airport in his battered pick-up but he?d cleaned the inside so I wasn?t upset. It was my fault that I?d not informed him that I had a very special guest with me and had intended him to use the SUV I keep at Hekla, the name I?ve given to my Rocky Mountain home. (Hekla is a volcano in Iceland and since I?ve brought so many young women to the house and had super /hot/hot-sex/">hot sex while surrounded by deep snow in the winters, I thought it was a fitting name.)

He was surprised when he saw the /girl/japanese-girl/">japanese girl with me. She was even more petite than most of the girls I?d brought but, more noticeable was her dress. It was a micro short dress made of nothing but white transparent lace and all she had on under was a pair of sexy black panties. Her young nipples were poking through the lace and she oozed sexuality.

What caught my attention was how, after a moment of shock, young stud Jacob didn?t pay her much attention and didn?t seem sexually stressed. I?d brought many girls close to his age to Hekla. True none had arrived quite as Rio had, essentially naked out of the plane, but they had all been extremely attractive and I?d thought Jacob was probably consumed with lust and desire.

I thought about it for just a moment and for the first time realized that Jacob could be gay. I suddenly remembered that he had never made any real effort to find reasons to come into the house when I?d had previous girls there and he had not ever seemed to flirt with them. I had just assumed he knew his place and was well mannered. Now, I began to think that no straight kid aged between 16 and 19, the years Jacob had worked for me, could have managed this unless he was simply not interested.

I helped Rio step up into the tall 4x4 pick-up and enjoyed watching as she scooted her famous body to the center. All smiles, she seemed content to be with a 45 year old American in decent shape for a summer week of high mountain sex. But clearly Jacob was not turned on by her. He was polite but not lustful. I, on the other hand, was nearly consumed with lust. I?d already had a go with Rio in the plane and it had wetted my appetite for more.

We?d met in Las Vegas where she was apparently being paid, along with about a dozen other Japanese beauties, to accompany a group of older Japanese executives on a gambling and business junket. She was next to me at a craps table at Caesars and being a lover of Japanese women, I had immediately started a conversation.

Over dinner and drinks, I told her that I knew who she was and that I?d seen hundreds of her photographs on the Internet. Then I put forth a proposal that she jet to Colorado with me for the next week. Surprisingly, she agreed and we met the next day in the lobby and were driven to the general aviation area at the Las Vegas airport. She had a light weight overcoat type jacket on that she removed once aboard my plane. I was bedazzled by what I saw, and during the short flight we?d had nice go of sex.

Now we were heading up to Hekla with young Jacob behind the wheel and I thought I detected Rio admiring his much younger body and fresh cowboy good looks. So I asked: ?Jacob, tell me the truth now, don?t you just want to reach over and stroke Rio?s sexy body??

Almost alarmed, Jacob stammered back, ?Uh, uh, I, - sure I guess.?

But he took no action. I?d never acted this way with him before but I detected more than just nervousness at a differing relationship with me.

?She?s a very famous body idol in Japan,? I explained to Jacob. ?She told me that she was hoping to see some real American cowboys,? I added with a grin.

?Yes sir,? is all that Jacob managed as he stared at forward while driving us up the mountain road.

I toyed with Rio a bit and then brought the conversation back to Jacob.

?Jacob,? I asked, ?you?ve never been very flirtatious with the girls I?ve brought up to Hekla, is there something you?ve not told me??

All I heard was a nervous clearing of the throat so I continued, ?Son if you don?t like girls it?s not going to offend me, but it sure might help me to know so we don?t hurt this little girl?s feelings when it comes to young stud cowboys like you.?

For the first time since being question, Jacob turned to look at me and I just grinned while keeping my left hand on Rio?s smooth thigh. I figured if Jacob was not gay, or didn?t want anyone to know, that he?d object immediately. He didn?t, he just looked at me for a moment and turned back to the road. But, he did seem more relaxed.

After a few more minutes, Jacob interrupted the giggling between Rio and me and said, ?Jack, to tell you the truth, I don?t have too much experience but I do like the guys more than the girls.?

And in his simple way of never saying too much, that was it. He?d told me he was gay and there was not going to be any gushing stream of words coming to explain it.

?Jacob, you might want to know that upon occasion I?ve enjoyed some very satisfying bisexual sex,? I said as I began to play with Rio?s breast with my left arm now over her shoulders and pulling her close to me.

?In fact, if you don?t think it too inappropriate, you are more than welcome to come in the house today and join in on some fun with Rio and me,? I added hopefully.

At this Jacob?s face finally turned emotional with a big grin.

?I?m not kidding, you are welcome,? I added more seriously.

?Yes sir, I might just do that,? he said now with a smile.

And that is how this new adventure began. We made it to the house, got Rio in some actual clothing, had lunch together, and then went to the bedroom.

To get things going, I gave Jacob?s crotch a good squeeze through his blue jeans as we walked up the stairs to the bedroom level. He was already relaxed with the idea and seemed primed and ready for action.

After some hot kissing and fondling of my cock, Rio went to shower. As she did, I turned my hard cock toward Jacob, let my pants fall to the floor and said, ?Come on Jacob, suck my cock you stud.?

He approached and began removing the rest of my clothes and pushed me on the bed, not in a commanding way but in a leading manner. Then, he undressed completely and climbed up next to me with his hard young body. For just a few moments he moved so that our hard cocks were touching each other. Then he said, ?Jack, I?ve wanted this for a long time.?

Jacob then moved down and began sucking my cock. As he did I reached into the night stand and grabbed some lubricant and a butt plug that I?d always enjoyed using on myself when I fucked a woman. And while he sucked me I greased up his ass and worked the butt plug into place.

That?s when Rio came out looking so gorgeous and ready to fuck.

With Jacob sucking my cock and Rio standing up on her knees beside me while fingering her pussy, I was having stimulation overload. I pulled Rio to me and began kissing her. As we kissed, Jacob was very close to making me climax.

?I?m about to come stud,? I said as he sucked and licked harder. And with that, he shifted into an even higher gear.

At this point, both Rio and I were just watching Jacob as he sucked and stroked my cock to orgasm. And as I came in his hot mouth, he backed off and made the rest of my seed splash across his face.

?Jacob, that was fantastic,? I said with real conviction. ?You are one fine cock sucker young man.?

At this point, Rio reached out and grabbed Jacob?s hard cock and began pulling his dick toward my head. It was clear that she was going to have me suck his boner.

I?d not done much cock sucking; my bi-experiences had mostly been being fucked in the ass. Not because I?m attracted to men but, because having my ass fucked feels so damn good. A real cock feels much better than a woman?s strap-on.

But here came his young hard cock and I took it right in my mouth and began to massage it with my tongue as Rio joined me and began kissing his balls and manipulating his butt plug. It was clear that the anal stimulation had the same effect on Jacob as it did on me ? it makes orgasm come much faster.

He began to pump my face with his cock, holding my head to give himself control over the rhythm and I felt that he was very near climax. I?d never been much for tasting a man?s come but I thought that I?d go ahead and take it if he didn?t pull out.

Just as he was about to come, Rio pulled me off his cock and aimed it at her face while thrashing him good in the ass with the embedded toy. This was all it took for his white streams to begin shooting all over her, and my, face. She licked every bit of it off of my face and used her fingers to push it from her own cheeks into her mouth.

Jacob just looked at me with a wry smile while Rio went down to lick my cock back to firmness.

?I?m going to fuck this beautiful little Japanese woman in a moment,? I said to him. ?And I want you to put that hot cock of yours up my ass while I have my cock in her pussy. You think you can sexxxx video ful hd do that /boy/big-boy/">big boy?? I asked.

?Yes sir, I think I can if you?ll help me get hard again,? he declared and with that he moved his semi-erect cock right back into my mouth and I went to work.

It felt amazing having a pliable cock in my mouth while Rio expertly did the same with mine. In no time, I was hard and so was Jacob.

I moved Rio to the middle of the bed and mounted her in the traditional position. She lifted her legs up and gave me perfect access to her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy.

After I slid in, Jacob got behind me and lubed my quickly. He then easily slid his cock up my easy opening hole. Wow! Much better than having a dildo or plug up my ass while I fucked a /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy.

?That?s it man, /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-my-ass/">fuck my ass,? I shouted as we settled into a rhythm. With each push up my ass, it pushed my cock deep into Rio and made my body push hard against her clit.

Within a minute or so, she was squealing in that particular manner of the /japanese/japanese-girls/">japanese girls and I was moaning to the pleasure of Jacob?s cock pushing in and out of my sensitive ass.

Thrusting faster, and able to last longer since we?d both just come, we were all getting a super fucking experience. In just a few minutes Rio was squirming and screaming, with a long set of orgasms, during which we slowed the pace to allow for recovery. After that, Jacob picked up the pace again slamming his cock into my ass and pushing me rhythmically into Rio?s tight, smooth pussy.

I leaned down close and began a tongue dance with Rio and she began to manipulate my nipples as we all three approached a massive orgasm.

It started with Jacob yelling ?Oh Man!? and pushing deeply into my ass. I began to feel his cock twitch and felt the incomparable feeling of hot come gushing deep into my ass. That set off my cock and caused me to begin shooting into Rio which caused my ass muscles to clench hard on Jacob?s cock which almost sent him into a near-double orgasm.

Rio was screaming something in Japanese with her eyes closed and her back trying to arch as much as possible under our weight. Her entire body twitched as she went through wave after wave of orgasm.

After a few moments we all separated and just stroked each other resting from our exertion.

Jacob went to the bathroom and came back sans butt plug. Instead, he had the /dildo/double-dildo/double-headed-dildo/">double headed dildo up his ass that I keep to use on my own ass with a girl on the other end.

He climbed up on the bed and motioned for Rio to join him face to face and began working the dildo into her cunt. Soon he was fucking her and his own ass by thrusting his hips forward. He never tried to kiss her or play with her breasts so I guess he was truly not much attracted to girls but it was a wonderful sight to behold.

After some time he separated and maneuvered Rio so that they were on all fours with their asses touching. He worked the dildo back into her pussy while it was still stuck deeply in his ass. I went and spread my legs in front of Rio?s face and she began to suck my cock while they ass-bumped each other on the dildo.

After a bit, I was fully hard again so I got up and pulled the dildo out of Jacob?s ass and replaced it with my cock. Rio crawled xxx sex video download free com under him and began sucking his balls and cock while I fucked him. It felt good and tight but I doubted I?d be able to come again. I did expect the much younger Jacob would be able to come again.

I was right because after a few minutes of me fucking his ass with long and steady strokes, he began coming into Rio?s mouth. This caused his ass muscles to basically milk my cock in spasms. And much to my surprise, the action caused me to come yet again. It was mostly a dry orgasm but it felt great.

?You two youngsters are going to wear me out,? I said to them.

?Don?t worry,? Jacob replied, ?I?ve waited years for this so I?ll happily take it slow.?

?Let?s go shower in the big Roman tub together,? I said while pulling them both up and leading them into the bathroom with its floor to ceiling windows looking out across the valley and at the majestic Rocky Mountains.

Jacob stayed the rest of the night and returned later in the week for one more three-way go around with Rio and me before we left. Rio and I had several days of wonderful, tender sex and I was sad to send her back to Japan. But, I knew that next time I head to Hekla, there would be a new pleasure waiting.