Car Sex

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Car Sex

Claudia only lived a little way down the highway from where we lived. She and my brother had been studying late white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie and they needed someone to drop her off. Being the only sober person in the age that could drive, I offered.

So here we are, half way there. She?s really quite pretty. Thin, tanned body. About 5?3? with the sexiest legs I?ve ever seen. Her hair was dark brown, with a slight curl, falling just past her shoulders. She sat beside me wearing a /cute/">cute black little dress. Coming only to her knees. She looked amazing.
?So Claudia, you and my brother seem to be spending a lot of time together. Are you guys dating?? I asked glancing at her. She smiled and shook her head.

?Nah, we?re just friends. I kind of like someone else.? She answered. Looking at me. I felt my pants get a little tighter.

?Does this lucky boy have a name?? I said looking over at her. There was hardly anyone on the road, so I thought it would be fine. Her smile had taken a slightly naughty turn. Suddenly her hand was running up and down my thigh. I knew this was wrong, but who was I to resist.

I felt her slowly undoing my pants. I kept my eyes on the road as she began to pull them off, along with my boxers. I lifted myself up off the seat a little so she could pull them down further. I saw her lean forward, squeezed the shaft of my penis tightly, I closed my eyes for a second hardly able to contain the pleasure as she pressed her red lips to the round head. I thrust my hips forward a little, entering her mouth.

I think she took the hint as she was now moving her head up and down quickly. She was obviously experienced. I tilted my head back a little a moaned. Still trying to keep control of the car. It had gotten really hard with all the pressure building up in my balls which she was now massaging with her spare hand.

Keeping one hand on the wheel, I began to massage her back, running my hand lower slowly, lifting her dress up past her ass. I could explain it in one word. Perfect. She was wearing some black lace panties, which I quickly moved off to the side. I groaned again as she had begun to deepthroat my throbbing cock.

I was quite proud of my member. Standing about eight inches, when erect of course. Another four and a half round and as straight as an arrow.

I had just started to trace the outline of her pussy lips when I spotted a turnoff. I thankfully took it and parked the car. It was dark and there was no one around. I slowly and regretfully pulled her away from my cock, only to thrust it back into her hot, awaiting mouth once I had myself positioned between her sexy thighs.

I gently kiss her neck, moving along her jaw line to her mouth. I begin to kiss her lips passionately. Parting her lips with my tongue, massaging the roof of her mouth. I hold my cock to the entrance of her waiting, wanting pussy. I rub the head across her clit. Kissing her more forcefully as she moans softly into my mouth.

In one quick thrust I?m inside her /hot/hot-love/">hot love hole. I kiss softly, allowing her to adjust to my size. Before long, I feel her start to thrust her pelvis up, as though trying to get me deeper. stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv With this, I begin long, steady stokes. Moving out of her then thrusting back in.

I kiss her chest as I thrust faster and faster, feeling myself about to /climax/">climax. She?s moaning louder than ever. Her moaning turns me on even more. I hear her say something about not being on the pill but I don?t take any notice. My body begins to take over and I just pound her as hard as I can. I feel the familiar tensing feeling in my balls as well as her pussy contracting around my throbbing cock.

I start to cum. filling her pussy with my hot seed. With the volume and amount of her moans. I could only guess that she had come too. I relax my body, lying on top of her. Not yet pulling out. I feel my breath start to slow. She?s lying below me with her eyes closed. I smile and kiss her lips softly before sitting up and doing up my pants.

?I better get you home, someone may begin to worry? I say, giving her a knowing smile. She smiles back as she sits up, straightening out her clothes and fixing her hair.

Twenty minutes later we arrived at her house. With a quick kiss she was out the car and at the door. On the drive home I couldn?t get her out of my head.

Weeks went by. I heard from someone that she had started dating my brother and that she was /pregnant/">pregnant. That night I went to see her and asked her if it was mine. She told me it was, but she would rather my brother think it was his. I knew it would be best so I agreed to keep my mouth shut.

Years later. I?m married with two daughters. And my brother and Claudia got married. One being the one I got Claudia pregnant with. To this day, we haven?t said a word about it.