Rest and Relaxation

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Rest and Relaxation

It was another long, stressful day at work, and when I came home, I was dead tired. Jesse, my newly-wed wife, was standing there in her blouse and skirt. Obviously having just returned from her own job. "Hey honey," she said as she wrapped her arms around me and kissed my neck. I kissed her back on the lips and sat down. "Why don't you go get in the and I'll be up there in a minute?" I went up to the bedroom and got naked, and slipped into our hottub. Jesse walks in a few minutes later with a Cola Faygo and turns on our CD player. I was expecting someStand or Three Doors Down, but instead, it's Twiztid - "Afraid of Me". she kneels behind me, wearing her barley there two piece and starts to massage my shoulders. After a few minutes, I feel her two voluptuous breasts fall out, and barely realize that Twiztid's - "Darkness" is now on. She starts to kiss me.

Her hand goes down my chest and stomach, and finally her hand grasps my cock. It grows hard, almost immediately and tugs on it, in the direction of the bedroom. I get up and she dries me off, and takes her top off, so all she is wearing is a leopard-porint . We go to the bedroom and I sit down and drops to her knees and puts all 8" in her mouth. I put my hand on the back of her head, and am real forced anal against her will in absolute . I lift her chin up and enjoy the last suck as my dick comes out of her mouth. I crawl back onthe bed, and Jesse stands above me and places my hand on the crotch of her thong and pulls it off.

Once it's off, she sits on my face and I eat her out, enjoying the shaved pussy, and just drinking her pussy juices inalmost giant gulps. She turns around and we 69 for a few minutes. While tongue-fucking her and playing with her clit, she is sucking me off again, and lightly playing with my scrotum. She gets up and lays down on her back, and spreads her legs. I lay down, with my cock right at her pussy lip entrance and kiss her neck. I go down her body and kiss one breast, and then the other. Jesse is moaning loudly and using her xnxxv sunny leone video to try and push me in. I resist until she gives up. I continue to have her to enjoy herself by licking her chest in between her breasts, and then, without warning, plunge all the way into her. She screams more loudly than I have ever heard her.

She digs all her nails in my back while wanting me to go harder and faster. I keep going and going and going until hernails go even deeper in my back and draws blood. I feel her pussy wrap my dick harder and "I'M CUMMING!!" I slow down some toallowed her to regain her breath. She's still breathing heavy, and again, her feet wrap around me and tries to get me going faster. I'm starting to feel my own orgasm approaching and start to pull out. "No, I want kids. Cum inside me." So I go all the way in her and with my cockpressing her cervix to one side, pump load after load into fallopian tube. I get up and lay down next to her, and she rolls on her right side, while I lay down. She asks me if I enjoyed it, and I can only moan, while I'm still trying to regain my breath. "I can't wait until 9 months comes. If it's a boy we're naming him after you." Before I can say anything, her mouth is around my now limp dick.

She sucks on it until it's hard again and starts given me hickies while I masturbate. She draws blood several times until I finally cum again. This time it gets all in her hair and face, and she sucks me dry again. We are both absolutely exhausted and we fall asleep into a nice, relaxed sleep.