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After Trevor Christian got up from the bed in which he had copulated with Tehanee,  the lovely Pitcairn Island lass who was still fast asleep on it,  arms and legs akimbo,  after her tiresome and strenuous first fuck during which she had given up her virginity to Trevor,  her lord and /master/">master,  to whom she had been gifted earlier that day by her Grandma, Trevor covered her nude and sweat filmed and cum with blood stained body with a large coverlet,  and after putting on his briefs went towards the rear of the house where he found Tonga his,  Man Friday,  pottering around the kitchen,  and inquired from him whether the two mugs of Malted Milk that he had ordered a few minutes ago were ready.

Tonga pointed to full mugs containg the beverage lying on a side table and offered to brinh them up to the room where the girl lay sleeping. Trevor asked him to await his call to the room and he entered the room,  he saw Tehanee blinking her eyes and coming awake.  He sat down on the bed beside and reassuringly put his arm around her and helped her to sit up on the bed and rearranged the coverlet so as to cover most of her naked body,  and then called out for Tonga, who almost immediately appeared in the doorway,  carrying carrying the mugs containing the invigorating brew on a silver tray,  and having served both Trevor and Tehanee with the drink, disappeared from view as fast as he had appeared. After both of them had drunk the contents of the mug. Trevor gently made the girl stand up, removed the coverlet from her body,  and although she winced with a little pain,  walked with his arm around her to the toilet adjoining his bedroom. 

Once in the toilet, he made her stand uder the shower,  and after adjusting the hot water shower to lukewarm,  opened the tap, and doused her body with the water flowing from it. He particularly washed Tehanee's vaginal area,  and the portion just at the top of her thighs where he noticed that there was dried cum flecked with blood still visible. He next took the tube of body shampoo from the cabinet on the wall and applied the fragrant sticky substance over her entire body, especially her cunt,  ass,  thighs and breasts. Having once again used the shower to wash off the shampoo he had applied on her body, he covered her body in a huge bath towel , and escorted her back to the bedroom,  but not before taking with him, a tube of Old Spice Shaving cream,  and a disposable plastic razor,  from the cabinet in the toilet. Once they got to the bedroom,  he removed the bath towel from around her body,  and spread it over the bed,  and asked Tehanee to lie on top of the towel.

Having done that he told her to spread her legs open wide so that her pubic and vaginal areas were exposed,  and squeezing out the shaving cream from the tube on to his fingertips applied it copiously into her clump of pubic hair which by now was wet after the dousing with water. From her pubic area,  he worked downwards on both sides of her vaginal lips, and went right down her perineum upto har anus,  where he noticed hair had grown. the wwwxxx Thereafter being satisfied that he had aplied the shaving cream to all required areas around her cunt, he reached for the disposable razor,  and having reomoved it's cover ,  deftly used it to shave the unsightly hair off her cunt,  startng with her pubic mound,  and working downwards towards her cunt lips and right upto her /asshole/">asshole. Clumps of wet shaven hair fell on to the towel on which Tehanee lay,  and in about 5 minutes, she was shaven clean and her cunt was as bald and clear of any growth as that of a new born baby girl.

When Trevor,  asked Tehanee,  whether the girls in the also did this,  she replied that an old woman there used to do it with a blunt knife which was very painful,  and was the reason why many of the girls including herself preferred to remain unshaven until they got married after which if their husbands wished it,  they would do it themselves,  using a kind of medicinal leaf they brought down with them after their visits to the jungle.  Trevor next applied the same cream on to her armpits which also had a profuse growth of hair, and proceeded to shave both armpits as he had done with her cunt. After this he was over he led her back in to the bathroom and this time carefully washed the areas he had shaved and wiped her whole body dry,  with the towel,  but not before flushing away the clumps of shaven hair down the toilet bowl. Thereafter he led her back into the bedroom, and applied an after shave lotion on and around her pubic area and cunt,  and her armpits.

The sharp sting in this fragrant fluid made the girl go "SHOO SHOO", but it wsas only for a minute. Next he wrapped a fresh towel around her body and led her out through the sitting room,  into the next bedroom which he had allocated for her,  and in which her parcel of clothes which she had brought from home lay on the bed. There was also a toilet table with three mirrors standing in the room, on which lay many articles of female toiletry,  including fragrant powders,  perfumes,  oils,  lipsticks, hairbrushes and combs, all of which had been purchased by Trevor from the only British Shop down in the village during the past week. He next led her into the adjoining toilet,  which he said was for her personal use. It consisted of a washstand with basin,  toilet bowl,  a bidet, with a hand shwer fitted to it,  a shower cubicle with a tap supplying both hot and cold water,  and a bathtub in which she could luxuriate for hours.

The cabinet in the toilet contained bath salts, soaps, toothpastes,  tooth brushes ,  feminine razors, and tampons. When Tehanee noticed the tampons she asked Trevor what their use was,  Trevor immediately asked her what the girls do in the village when they get their periods, to which Tehanee replied that they usually take an old piece of soft cloth and and wrap it in the style of a man's loin cloth, around their vaginas and secure it to a string around their waists . Trevor said that hereinafter she need not resort to such a practice and all that she had to do was to stand with her legs spread out and insert it into her vagina,  and keep changing it at intervals just like she did with her piece of cloth. He also took out one tampon,  after removing the towel from her body, and getting her stand with her legs wide apart put the tampon in her hand and having placed it at the entrance to her vagina, pushed her hand holding the tampon upwards,  thereby making it slide into her vagina easily. This amazed the girl so much that she did it by herself three or four times more,  and then replaced it in the box.  After this the couple went back into the bedroom,  and Trevor told Tehanee that it was now time to get ready for supper,  and that she should dress for it.

So saying Trevor went out of the closing the door behind him, allowing the girl to attend to her toilet. The first thing Tehanee did after Trevor did was to go into the toilet,  sit on the commode and and take a long piss,  something she had not done since she came here. After finishing her pee she wiped her cunt dry with the toilet paper as explained to her by Trevor and went out of the toilet to dress for dinner. She selected a light blue floral printed pareu from her parcel of clothe which she then transferred to the chest of drawers in her room. and after selecting a /sweet/">sweet smelling powder from her dressing table sprinkled it over her entire body,  and rubbed it in as her Grandma had done. Next she sprayed an equally swet smelling perfume over her body,  her arms her breasts,  her freshly shaven vagins and armpits,  the crevices of her thighs,  her buttocks,  and her anus.

Next she removed the plaits in her hair which had she had been wearing since morning,  and after brushing it to hang loose,  she arranged a few strands to fall over seductively over one eye. Looking at the lipsticks which had been given to her,  she selected a dusky pink shade which would set off her olive coloured skin,  and applied it carefully without smudging on her lips. Therafter she draped the light blue floral pareu round her pareu and secured it tightly to accentuate the curves in her body,  as only the /women/">women in her village knew to do.  All she needed now was a flower for her hair, and then she remembered the blue hydrangeas she had seen in the garden on her way in from the village. Stepping out of the room,  as Trevor was nowhere to be seen,  she called out to Tonga,  in a soft voice,  and when he came in to the sitting asked him whether he could bring her a hydrangea from the garden,  for her hair.

No sooner said than done,  Tonga returned with a huge blue flower in his hand which he respectfully handed over to Tehanee who thanked him and took it back in to her room, closing the door behind her.  Within her bedroon the girl stood in front of the mirror, and placing the flower on one side of her hair in typical South Sea Island fashion,  was satisfied that her toilet was complete, and now being presentable to her lord and master,  she opened her room door and stepped into the sitting room only to find that Trevor having refreshed hinself and changed into a dark blue shirt and white pair of shorts was standing in a corner of the room and staring at her in disbelief,  as she veritably reminded him of a paintting by Paul Gaugin, who some time earlier had been a resident of Samoa,  an adjoining island. He strode upto her and holding her tight kissed her full on the lips and she too instinctively kissed him back. He the led her onto the verandah which was lit with shaded lamps,  and once agin kissed her her on the lips,  after first telling her to open her mouth. Their tongues touched and meshed with each other and Tehanee felt a strange stirring in her loins.

One more kiss like that had the girl sguirming with juice starting to flow from her cunt. Not wanting to hurry things,  Trevor squeezed her breasts,  and quickly led her back into the dining room wher Two glasses of chilled potent red wine stood waiting at their appointed places on the dining table.  Having proposed a toast to their future happiness,  Trevor told the girl to sip the wine slowly as she may find it too strong. She did this,  and continued to this while dinner was served, all the time protesting that it was too strong for her. The dinner as served by Tonga was to say the least luscious, with roasted wild bord boar being the main dish. After dinner a fresh fruit salad of papaws,  mangoes,  and bananas was served to the couple who afterwards went out for a quiet arm in arm walk around the garden,  with Trevor,  pausing at the vantage point.  to show Tehanee where he first spotted her bathing in the stream below.  When they wwwxxx were finished with walking,  the couple came back indoors,  and having told Tonga to lock up for the night,  Trevor took Tehanee back into his bedroom,  which incidentally had been cleared of the sex steained bed linen,  and the blood spotted pillow which had been under Tehanee's buttocks,  and fresh spotlessly clean bed linen placed on it instead. Within the bed room,  Trevor removed Tehanee's blue flowered pareu and while fondling her breasts once agin kissed her on her lips, and meshed tongues with her her. 

This again caused her juices to flow and this time Trevor,  laying her down on the bed went down kissing her breasts and her navel to her shaven pubes and spreading her cunt lips started to suck on her now prominent clitoris. This made the girl shudder and squirm and let out a squeal of pleasure.  This continued for a while,  with Tehanee wriggling like an eel on the bed,  and at the same time getting copiously wet. Towards the end she shuddered as if an electric current was passing through her body ,  and Trevor who at this very moment had inserted his tongue into her vaginea felt two vaginal muscles hold down his tongue in a clamp like hold. A whitish fluid was also seen pouring out of her cunt.

Tehanee was also covered in a sheet of perspiration,  over her whole body. Sensing that she had reached orgasm for the second time that day,  and not wanting to tire her out,  he sat fully nude on the edge of the bed,  and made her kneel down in front of him,  and telling her to open her mouth,  he guided his now fully erect cock into her mouth,  and told her to suck on it like she was sucking a sweet. This she obediently did,  sucking the entire shaft of his cock deep into her mouth with saliva dripping down on to to her breasts, the nipples of which now stood erect like soldiers on parade. Trevor then with back and forth movements continued to fuck her in the mouth while Tehanee did as she was told kept sucking on his cock,  all the while dripping thick strands of saliva on to her body. After a few minutes,  Trevor felt his sperm come up from deep within and slowly flow towards Tehanee's mouth, while all the time she continued sucking his cock.

Then from deep within him,  with a flow of blood from his veins, which he definitely felt, the juice from his cock came into Tehanee's mouth.  while she kept on sucking and swallowing regardless of what was coming into her mouth and flowing down her throat into her belly.  After she had swallowed everything,  Trevor pulled his now flaccid cock out of Tehanee's mouth after which a dribble of cock juices was seen slowly dripping from the side of her mouth. He got the towel from the toilet from the washroom,  and after wiping her face and breasts clean of the saliva and cum,  he went out the room door,  and called out to Tonga to bring them a nightcap,  usually Nescafe,  which he had already prepared and it was brought to the door of the room by him,  from which point Trevor took the tray over,  as Tehanee was still nude and in a daze after after all the vigorous love making. After having drunk the night cap,  Trevor covered Tehanee's naked body with a coverlet,  and within minutes both were fast asleep as tomorrow was going to be another tiring and exhausting day.