Amber Gets Stretched Part 4

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Amber Gets Stretched Part 4

A week and many "work out" sessions after Amber starts to work in my shop, I get another call from the Scalzi /twins/">twins. "Gary, you been holdin out on us long enough, we want that slut of yours now. We'll be there at six." I don't know what to do, I haven't mentioned anything to Amber yet, but I got to come up with something fast. I try not to look worried as Amber walks down the stairs, wearing a /uniform/sexy-uniform/">sexy uniform as usual. A strapless bikini top that hardly covers her tits, and a thong bottom that shows every inch of her magnificent ass. "What's wrong Gary?" she asks with a smile, "something is bugging you today." I'm not sure what does it, but I decide to be honest with her. "Amber, I have a huge problem, and I'm going to need your help fixing it. Do you remember the two big Italian guys who came in here the other day?" A look of confusion strikes her face for a moment before she remembers, "Oh yeah! Those six milf porn videos and a half foot giants who look like they belong in a mafia from fifty years ago!" I can't help but laugh, that's almost exactly what they were, or at least their father was. The Scalzi's had a reputation for getting what they want, whether by force or intimidation.

"Yes, those two," I take a deep breath and continue, "a few months ago, I met these two ladies in a bar, we have a few drinks and I bring them back here for some fun. And let me tell you, it was serious fun, but it turns out that these ladies..." "Are dating the two mobster dudes right?" Amber cuts in. "Exactly, they were the girlfriends of the Scalzi twins, and when Lloyd and Isaac found out, they came after me," I sigh, "They claim that I owe them now, that they should get to do to me what I did to them." Amber looks at me, as if she is trying to piece the puzzle together, "So, they want to fuck your girl as retribution." I nod my head slowly as she continues, "but don't they know you are single? The only girl in your life is...they want to fuck me don't they? They saw me the other day and now they want to fuck me in order to get back at you." I put my face in my hands, ashamed that she figured it out. "You know," she says with a grin, "I was wondering if there were any other guys who would work out with us." My eyes open wide, surprised by her enthusiasm, "you'll let them fuck you?" I ask slowly. "Why not?" she chuckles, "it might be fun!" Suddenly, I'm not so keen with the idea. Lloyd and Isaac may only be my age, but they are big guys and they are known for being rough. I tell this to Amber but she just grins. She walks behind me and puts her hands on my shoulders, slowly massaging them. "Don't worry Gary," she says sweetly, as she slides her hands down my chest, her tits pressing against the back of my neck, "After the stretching you and the boys have given me, I'm sure I can handle whatever they got."

I finish closing up the shop, having let Amber get ready for the night. She called her dad and told her she will be staying at a friends house, not sure how long the night would last. When she walks back down the stairs, my jaw hits the floor. Amber has changed into the sexiest red dress I have ever seen. It's strapless, and cut short in the front to show off her tits. If it were any lower cut, her nipples would show. It's skin tight around her, giving her a perfect hourglass figure. The dress ends barely an inch below her ass, and if she were to bend over, nothing would stop it from hanging out completely. To top it off are a pair of six inch "fuck me" heels and sexy red lipstick. "Damn babe," I say in approval, "your whole outfit just screams /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard, and if the twins weren't coming, I would be all over you right now." She laughs, walking over to me to kiss my cheek, "get out of here," she whispers, "I'll take care of the guys. I turned on the security cameras, so you can watch at home. I'll miss you!" And with that, she pushes me out the front door. I start my walk home, hoping to make it in time. I glance over my shoulder and see the Scalzi's car pull up. I run the rest of the way home, throwing my laptop open and turning on the security feed.

"Hello boys," Amber calls out sexily, as the door opens and the twins walk in. "Damn, would you look at that Lloyd," Isaac says with a grin, "what a fine piece of ass you are babe." Lloyd laughs out loud, a deep sound that shakes Amber, but if she is /scared/">scared, she doesn't show it. "Gary sure got a great little slut working for him here!" he says. Amber walks up to them, acting very naughty as she sways her hips and bites her lower lip. "I thought we were here to fuck, not talk," she says harshly. The twins look at one another, shocked by Amber's boldness. "Ooh, you are quite the feisty one," Lloyd says with a grin. "Perhaps she needs to be taught a lesson, Isaac." "It's time you learn your place, slut. /naughty/naughty-girls/">naughty girls deserve to be punished." Amber takes a few steps back, leaning cooly against the counter, "I'm not afraid of you boys," she says with a grin, "do your worst."

Isaac walks up to the Amber, grabbing Her wrists and spinning her around, bending her facedown over the counter. "Whenever my girl gives me lip, I enjoy spanking her," he says in her ear. He let's go of her hands, warning her that if she struggles, she will be spanked harder. She doesn't move, thrusting her hips back to push her ass out further. Isaac pulls up her dress, exposing her bare ass. "Look at this Lloyd!" he calls out, "she isn't even wearing a thong!" "See, you are a slut," Lloyd calls out to Amber. Isaac rubs his hands along her bare ass before raising a hand and spanking her hard. Amber gasps, but doesn't cry out as a handprint appears on her ass. He hits her again, harder this time, obviously trying to make her scream. Over and over he spanks her, but she never makes a sound. Isaac is obviously growing frustrated. "Why won't you cry out?!" he asks in rage. Amber laughs, "my grandmother used to spank me harder than that. What are you, a pussy?" Isaac bellows and spanks her again, this time bringing tears to Amber's eyes, but she still keeps silent. "You know Isaac," Lloyd begins slowly, "when my girl talks to much, or doesn't cry out enough, I teach her a lesson by stretching her mouth wide and stuffing it full." Isaac grins and steps back, "by all means brother, show me what you do." Lloyd grin and grabs Amber's shoulders, roughly forcing her to her knees. He pushes his pants down around his ankles, letting out the biggest cock Amber has ever seen.

It's nearly 15" long and thicker than Paul's. Amber shows no fear, just opens her mouth wide for Lloyd. He laughs and says, "what an obedient little slut, no wonder the guys love you so much. You definitely know how to put out." "Yeah," Isaac chimes in, "we saw how you handled them at Mike's last week." Amber seems ready to say something, but Lloyd slams his cock into her throat, keeping her silent. He grabs the back of her head, shoving as much into her mouth as she can possibly take before she gags. When she does, Lloyd just laughs. "I saw you deepthroat those other cocks so easily, I feel quite proud of myself for being too much for you to handle." A fire burns in Amber's eyes as she looks up at him. Before he can stop her, she grabs the backs of his legs, pulling more of his shaft into her mouth. "Damn! Look at this /bitch/">bitch go! She give better head than your girl Lloyd," Isaac laughs. He takes a step forward as Lloyd lifts Amber's chin, trying to get a better angle to fit the rest of his cock down her throat. Isaac laughs again, following Amber's arm with his eyes, he sees that she has been busy fingering herself. "This bitch ain't so stubborn as we thought. Why, she seems to be enjoying herself down here." Amber doesn't stop, sliding a finger into her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. Despite their thuggish personalities, this monstrous cock has her hornier than she had been in a week! Isaac lays on his back on the floor, sliding his head between her legs.

He grins as he pushes Amber's hand away, getting a good view of her pussy. "For someone who takes so much cock, you're tighter than the Virgin Mary!" He grabs her ass in both hands, pulling her hips down so he can get a taste of her cunt. Using his thumbs to spread her lips wide, Isaac slides his tongue deep into Amber's pussy, causing her to moan in /ecstasy/">ecstasy. "You like that, don't ya?" Lloyd chuckles, forcing another inch down her throat. Amber tries to nod as best she can with 13" deep in her throat. Somewhere along the line, her reserve had broken. She needed that cock, and would do anything to get it. Lloyd steps even closer, his cock nearly pointed straight down Amber's throat, with one last thrust, the sound of Lloyd's blowjob porn videos balls slapping her chin fills the room. "All right!" Lloyd cheers, "now that's what I'm talking about." He pulls out and then starts fucking her throat like a jackhammer. Amber's body is thrown back and forth as Lloyd fucks her throat. Isaac's tongue gets coated in even more of Amber's juices as he licks her clit, it's obvious she enjoys being dominated, something she didn't get from Gary and the guys. Within minutes, Amber begins to /climax/">climax, her body convulsing with a massive orgasm. Isaac slides out from under her and smiles at his brother, "Lloyd, let's put her on the counter, I wanna fuck this /hot/hot-slut/">hot slut." Lloyd pulls his cock out of Amber's mouth, letting her gasp for breath. "Well, you certainly are quite the piece of ass Miss Amber.

I think it's time you got a taste of my cock too." Amber's eyes widen as Isaac strips, his massive cock springing out, it's just as long as Lloyd's and just as thick. "You want this, don't you babe?" Isaac teases, shaking his cock before her face. Amber nods, unable to speak. Here are without a doubt the two biggest cocks on the planet, and she has never been this horny in her life. Isaac continues to speak as Lloyd watches, "So, are you gonna be an obedient little slut now, or do we have to punish you some more?" "I'll do what you say, I promise." Amber stammers, "please, I need your cock inside me now!" The twins glance at each other and Lloyd says, "well, first I think you need a lesson in obedience. Our slut isn't in a position to make demands." Amber looks down at the floor, feigning sorrow, "I'm sorry Masters," she says meekly, "please forgive me." "Now that's more like it!" Isaac exclaims, "now, I believe you were told to get on the counter?" Amber jumps to her feet, hopping into the counter. She lays down, placing her heels up on the countertop and spreading her legs wide. Lloyd walks behind her, putting his cock to her lips once more. "Wait Lloyd," Isaac says calmly, "I want to speak with her some more before we continue." He walks up to the counter, standing between Amber's legs. The only sign of his lust is the monstrous boner waving above Amber's /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy. "My, you truly are a very beautiful woman Amber," he says, "I'm really going to enjoy fucking you tonight."

Amber moans and bites her lower lip, staring at the two cocks above her. "Isn't that what you said you wanted babe, to have our cocks inside of you?" "Yes!" Amber cries out, unable to stop herself, "I need your cocks, please please give them to me hard, fuck me! Make me your slut!" "Oh? So now you want to be our slut, huh?" Isaac grins, as he comes up with a plan. "Yes! I want to be your naughty little slut, for you to fuck as hard as you can. Give me your cocks, Masters, please," Amber moans, completely desperate. Her pussy is on fire, dripping all over the counter, but she doesn't move, fearing the twins will leave without fucking her. "All right then, let's make a deal, shall we? Every Friday night for the foreseeable future, you will be our slut. For as long as we want, doing whatever we want you to do, and in exchange, we will give you our cocks. Do we have a deal?" "Yes yes, it's a deal, please give me your cocks, I'm begging you, fuck your little slut like the naughty bitch I am!" The twins grin at one another, proud of the way things turned out. "Very well," Isaac says as Lloyd slides his cock back into Amber's mouth. Isaac bends down to pull her tits out from the dress, smiling as they bounce along her chest with Lloyd's movements. Isaac Then grabs his cock, rubbing the length of it along Amber's dripping cunt. She moans as he presses the tip against her /hole/tight-hole/">tight hole, arching her back in attempt to get it inside her, Isaac laughs at Amber's struggle, keeping his cock just out of reach.

The sound of Lloyd's balls slapping Amber's nose fills the air as she takes his entire cock in her mouth once again. Isaac pushes only the very tip of his cock into Amber's pussy, getting it nice and wet with her juices, before he slides it down further, placing the head of his dick against her even tighter ass. Amber tenses, struggling for a moment against Isaac's cock. "You said you wanted our cocks inside of you, you didn't specify where. Besides, if you want us to fuck your cunt, you got to work harder for it." With that, Isaac pushes the head of his cock into Amber's ass, causing her to scream around Lloyd's dick. Lloyd slams his cock all the way in again, forcing her to hold her breath. Isaac begins to work his cock into Amber's ass, not caring to be gentle. Amber's eyes grow wide as she realizes how much cock she is taking right now. After what feels like hours, Isaac picks up speed, forcing the rest of his cock into Amber's ass.

The mixture if pain and pleasure cause her to break into a sweat, coating her body in a thin layer. The two guys start to fuck her even harder, slamming into both her ass and throat without remorse. Amber's body is thrown about on the countertop with the force of their thrusts, her tits bouncing back and forth. Lloyd reaches down and grabs them in his hands, squeezing them roughly. Amber screams and groans around Lloyd's cock as the /twins/twins-fuck/">twins fuck the shit out if her for the next hour, occasionally switching places but never touching her pussy. After Amber's fifth body shaking orgasm, the guys begin to cum, filling her ass and mouth with jizz. They don't stop cumming as they pull out, covering her in cum. Amber collapses on the table as the twins begin to get dressed. She watches, exhausted beyond belief, unable to move or speak.

The twins walk out the door without looking back, "You are definitely one great slut, our deal will certainly work out," Isaac calls over his shoulder. "See you Friday," Lloyd says with a chuckle.