something else


Something Else – Illuminous Reflections – Winter 2010

“The brand’s strength comes from the collection of creative talents working together to blend art and fashion resulting in a street-chic, edgy garments for women who share Wood’s appreciation for art, music, popular culture and nature. Something Else is a culmination of high fashion and street edge, offering beautiful fabrication and prints in wearable yet directional pieces for girls who are experimental with their style.”

“La fuerza de la marca de viene de colecciones de talentos creativos que trabajan juntos para mezclar moda y arte, dando por resultado un look de calle elegante, ropa para mujeres que comparten la pasión de Wood por el arte, la música, la cultura popular y la naturaleza. Something Else es una culminación de high fashion + look de calle, ofreciendo una fabricación e impresiones hermosas para las mujeres que les gusta experimentar con su estilo.”

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  1. So cute. The model, the fashions….all adorable.

    One teeny tiny bit of constructive criticism…same ‘pigeon toed’ pose in every picture. Maybe only good for one or two. Kind of takes away from the look.


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