dig for victory


Dig for Victory at etsy
I just found this wonderful etsy store, and I want them all! /Acabo de encontrar esta maravillosa tienda en etsy, ¡los quiero todos!


  1. I keep looking for a wedding dress and Dig For Victory keeps coming up. Clearly a rather unconventional wedding dress, but these styles are perfect. I’d just like something that looks happy!

  2. To die for so very Mad Men. Love the green dress.

  3. Hello! I don’t follow many blogs, and I just fell in love with your and am now a follower! You have such a fantastic variety of inspirational things on here and I love them! Thanks so much for posting, and looking forward to more!

  4. oh yez ! the black one for me

  5. Emma, you are so right, these are so Mad Men! I have always really loved 60′s style, but ever since I got addicted to Mad Men I have become obsessed. Dresses like these are so flattering on so many different body types. Who doesn’t want their waist to look tiny and shoulders to seem petite?! I am checking out this etsy store right now!

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